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Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle has said that there is every chance that midfielder Fabrice Muamba could play again for the club.

There have been many rumours that Fabrice Muamba could have played his last game ever after being diagnosed with a genetic heart condition.

He collapsed on the pitch in the match against Tottenham a few weeks ago. Doctors said that Muamba was almost dead for up to an hour until he was brought back to life. He was recently discharged from the hospital and is now continuing his recovery from the condition that almost took his life.

Dr Richard Cooke, who is a consultant cardiologist in London, has said that there is every chance that Fabrice Muamba could play within six months. There have been many rumours that Muamba's professional career could be over after his heart problem has been diagnosed.

A number of players have passed away in recent years after suffering heart attacks in the middle of the pitch. The most recent incident came about when an Italian player lost his life on the pitch. As a result, Bolton will be extra careful in bringing back Muamba to football even with the suggestions of experienced cardiologists.

"It would seem highly likely that he would have had a defibrillator put in. There are some footballers who do play with them and have had a similar history, so as long as he makes a full neurological recovery, from a heart perspective there is no reason why he couldn't resume his professional football career. The football odds are in his favour" Cooke said.

It is unlikely that a return date will be set for Muamba given the seriousness of his injury. Bolton are currently struggling in a relegation fight, and they are currently in the 18th position in the table.